Friday, July 24, 2015

Nymphs Now Available!

The 10 exclusive all new red and black Nymph resin cast bugs are now available to own in the Toysrevil online store HERE! These will be blind boxed and shipped in parts with removable wings and come with a signed and numbered Certificate Of Authenticity and a few custom vinyl stickers and instructions on how to put the bug together. The Nymphs will also be signed and numbered on their bottoms.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Toysrevil 10 x10 Celebration Release info!

 Today Andy Heng takes over the Argo bloggery with release information on our collaboration for his 10 year anniversary project. When Andy asked me to be part of this endeavor I was humbled and wanted to do something special and not another variant colorway on any of my older releases. If you can stay in this toy game for 10 years without losing your sanity that really says something. So, I decided to resculpt and scale down my new Dragonfly/Mariposa figurine to baby styled Nymph for this project. Andy has been supporting my works since day one and has been nothing but gracious and incredibly helpful in getting my works seen by a much larger audience worldwide than I could probably ever muster up. This one is for you buddy - and thanks for everything!

Announcing the TOYSREVIL-Edition THE NYMPH by Argonaut Resins! 

Listed in The Shop:

From Argonaut Resins is Eric Nocella Diaz's original character creation "Mariposa" resculpted in a diminutive bumble of explosive-awesome with THE NYMPH! And for TOYSREVIL's 10x10 Celebration of 10 Years of Bloggery, we have for you folks 10 x Nymphs in two colorway editions: Black with Red Wings, and Red with Black Wings - with quantities split 50/50, and they are adorable to the max!

The Nymph is 1 and a 1/2 inches tall and the wingspan is 2 and 3/4 inches wide.

Releasing Friday July 24th drop at 12noon +8GMT (Singapore time), they will be available blind-boxed style, with each pull priced at US$30 (excluding S/H). Included in each order will be a Tuttz cranky red devil cat and Mariposa stickers.

S&H US orders - US$6
S&H Outside USA - US$12

*Items will be mailed out directly from the artist in The United States.
*Prices do not include combined shipping with other items listed in this shop

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Kute As Fuh Art Show In NYC!

Last night's Kute As Fuh - Kawaii themed art show was a blast at the PIQ store in NYC's Grand Central Station. I had two Mariposa butterfly resin figurine's in the event beside some amazing work from 45 artist's from around the world. Big huge thanks to Sabina for the invite for this awesome show!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Online store Opens tonight! Mariposa Wave 3 Part 2.

The second half of the wave 3 Mariposa and Dragonfly resin figurines will be releasing tonight (Weds. July 15th) at 9PM Est. time in the online STORE. There will be new colorways and a few repeated styles from the sold out wave 1 series for new collectors who may have missed out on the initial launch. Each handmade resin cast figurine will be signed and numbered on their bottoms and come with a custom vinyl die-cut sticker and instructions on how to put it together since they ship in parts.

 Albino Vampire Mariposa!
 Gargoyle Mariposa!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Kute As Fuh! Art Show In NYC - July 17TH!

I have been invited to show some of my work in the Kute As Fuh! art show at the PIQ store (in Grand Central Terminal, Manhattan) NYC along with 45 other artists from around the world. This is a mixed media art show on artists interpretation of Kawaii.
I will be at the opening on Friday July 17th starting at 7PM so come on by and hang out with us and have some cute art fun.
#PIQ #kuteasfuh #piqproducts

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Glow In The Dark Night Shoot

Most of the Mariposa and DragonFly resin figurines I make glow in the dark and are very difficult to photograph in the dark unless you have a really good camera and know how to use it. I have enlisted the help of photographer Deborah Montanez to take these type of night time pictures so they you can see how the figurines really glow with detail. I like using glitter and confetti because it changes the entire feel of the bugs and gives them exotic textures so it's like you're getting two figures in one once lights go off.
The images below are from Wave 3 which are on sale now in the online STORE. Keep an eye on the online store as more figures will be added over the next few weeks and if you have any questions you can email me at argonautresins(at) for more info about this project.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mariposa Wave 3 On Sale Now!

The wave 3 Mariposa and Dragonfly resin figurine series is now on sale in the online STORE. This wave will be 24 pieces released in batches starting today all through next week so keep an eye on the online store for more updates. There will also be a blind box or two included with this run of 12 butterflies, 4 horned variant butterflies and 8 DragonFly pieces. Most will be glow in the dark figures infused with metallic glitter and confetti along with a few new styles to round out the bunch.
All orders come with a signed certificate of authenticity, instructions on how to put your bug toy together (it ships in parts) and die-cut custom vinyl Mariposa sticker. All bugs are numbered and signed on their bottoms by artist/creator/sculptor Eric Nocella Diaz.

 Vampire Mariposa!

 Haunted GID DragonFly!
 Pool Party Bug.