Friday, October 2, 2015

The 2015 New York Comic Con Projects! (UPDATE # 6 is up!)

It's that time of the year again when all the New York Comic Con (Jacob Javits Center, NYC, October 8 - 11th) Argonaut Resins project reveals start showing up! I won't be able to finish some items and bring everything and whatever is leftover from the 4 day show will go up in the online STORE. Keep an eye on this thread as it will be updating with new items every so many hours until showtime.
I will again also be sharing the comic con booth with the uber talented Selina Briggs of The Jelly Empire and this year my section of the booth will be run by Deborah Montanez (the Argo photographer). Below is the con floor map and how you can find us and I hope to see some of you at this year's show!

Update #6 - Piragua!
I will have 22 of the all new Piragua icie figurine at the booth and they will come in Cherry, Lime, Grape, BlueBerry, LemonLime, Orange, and Strawberry. The Piragua figurine will be selling for $45 each and will be numbered and signed on their bottoms.

Update #5 - Sketchcards!
I will have 100 original art sketchcards drawn by me (END) on sale at the con booth for $5 each featuring all of the whimsical characters in the Argonaut Resins universe. All art cards will be packed in sturdy clear protective plastic cases.

 Update #4 - Argo Sticker Packs!
There will be a bunch of limited run Argonaut Resin character sticker packs made in custom die-cut vinyl available at the booth during comic con.

Reveal #3 - Tuttz OG All Hallows Eve Leopard!
I have not forgot about Halloween this year and will this custom one of a kind iridescent All Hallows Eve Leopard 6.5 inch Tuttz on the Argo table at the booth.

Reveal # 2 - Tuttz OG and 8 inch Snow Leopards!
Argonaut Resins will be bringing back the popular Tuttz 6.5 inch OG resin cast cat figurine for some limited run exclusives at the booth and first up will be some custom painted matching pearl Snow Leopards! This was a pattern I really liked that was painted a while back on a very few of the Tuttz Mini's.

 Reveal #1 - HugaBugs!
Argonaut Resins will be giving away a very limited amount of spongy, squishy, squeezable foam hand cast bug figurines called HugaBugs at the New York Comic Con this year to little kids (not babies or teenagers) who visit the booth #402 in The Block. The bugs are two inches tall and are based off the Mariposa earlier resin releases and will come in various pastel colors. The all new soft Hugabugs have no wings but all of them will glow in the dark. Soft nightlights for little kids! 

Friday, September 25, 2015

2015 New York Comic Con Teasers!

Here are a few projects that I'm working on for the New York Comic Con in two weeks! The next post will start showing the full reveals of everything leading up to the actual comic con dates so stay tuned! Up first is the limited run return of some all new OG 6.5 inch Tuttz cats in sparkly, glow in the dark and solid styles!

I'll also have some all new multi-color custom vinyl die-cut Piragua sticker packs with header cards!

There will also be some new custom painted leopard Tuttz cats in different sizes.

Friday, September 4, 2015


Growing up in Spanish Harlem (El Barrio - uptown on the East side of Manhattan) on those hot summers one of my favorite things was getting a Puerto Rican shaved ice treat called a Piragua. They were like Spanish icies that were sold off a makeshift Mom and Pop cart with a huge block of ice and all sorts of awesome syrupy sweet flavors like cherry, grape, lime, strawberry, orange, etc.
The all new resin Piragua figurine is five inches in height (sculpted, molded and cast up by artist Eric Nocella Diaz) and will come in sorts of crazy fun cool colors/flavors with the occasional chase figure thrown in. They will make their debut at the New York Comic Con this October 8th - 11th at booth #402 in The Block. Information on edition sizes and pricing will be made available soon and all the amazing photos are by photographer Deborah Montanez.