Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Grand Finally tonight!

Series 3 Sparkly Party Cats Tuttz Mini's comes to end tonight in the online STORE at 11 PM Est. time with #50 of 50 ending in a trio of chase cats. There will be a glow in the dark Black Out Party Cat, a all new colorway Coquito Party Cat and a all new colorway glow in the dark Salsa Party Cat. This was a crazy fun Tuttz Mini series and I hope you all enjoyed chasing them down and who knows maybe I'll make another series (#4) down the road for those who missed out. All earlier orders will be shipping out today and in the next few days, overseas included. THANK YOU all very much for your endless support and I hope your smiles are as dazzling as those Tuttz cats you pull from those boxes.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Party Rages On!

Coming down the wire with the final waves of the 50 piece Limited Edition Series 3 Sparkly Party Cats Tuttz Mini's resins. It's been fun having the collectors shout out some colors they wanted to see and even name a few of the Party Cats, big huge fun! What's next? A few more new colorways, maybe some surprises and super duper ending? Stay tuned!

 Night Beach Party
Private Party
 Raspberry Jade
 Pool Party
Bonfire Party
Happy Party
Mardi Gras
Beach Party
Midnight Party
 Sparkly Hounds next???

Friday, April 4, 2014

Half way there!

The first 25 of the 50 piece Series 3 Sparkly Party Cats Tuttz Mini's release are all up in the store and the second half of the release will start any day now. THANK YOU to all who have managed to snare a few and keep an eye on this blog and the online STORE for the next round of updates on this series - it's not over till it's over! I'll surely make some all new styles and repeat a few of the more popular ones from the early releases. The party rages on!

 Beach Party.
 Bloody Mary.
 Minty Jade.
 Pool Party.
 Poison Ivy at the party.

You may want to check the online store as a few of the Tuttz Party Cats may still be available.

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Online Store Opens Tonight!

The Series 3 Sparkly Party Cats Tuttz Mini's will start releasing tonight at 10PM Est. time in the online STORE. Due to popular demand I have increased the new series size to 50 pieces and 10 cats will drop tonight at 10PM, and if you miss that drop time I will release a few more at MIDNIGHT then keep checking the store because more cats will drop at random all through next week. There will also be some glow in the dark chase cats hidden in the series so if you get one be sure to check it under the light. There will be some all new colors featured in this series and I may repeat a few from the last two sold out releases so keep and eye on the TWITTER and INSTAGRAM pages for constant updates. The party starts at 10PM tonight then goes all the way through next week so don't be late and watch for those store updates.

The midnight afterparty ->

Monday, March 24, 2014

Sparkly Party Cats Round 3 Coming Up!

Due to popular demand I have decided to make a third series of the Sparkly Cats Tuttz Mini's and will be calling them "Party Cats!" This series will be a 50 piece run for those who have missed out on the first two 25 piece runs and it will have some glow in the dark chases hidden within the entire run. Below are some teasers and works in progress of what to expect from the all new colorways in the Series 3 run. More info and updates coming so stay tuned!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Double release! (SOLD OUT!)

The online STORE will open at 12 noon and 12 midnight this Friday March 7th with a double release of more Series 2 Sparkly Cats. I will load the store a few hours before each release in the "coming soon" mode so collectors can see what will be available at the release time. The double release is to make items available for overseas collectors too who miss out on US time zone releases. There are still 15 Sparkly Cat Tuttz Mini's left to complete the series 2 edition. Below are some of the Tuttz I will have in the online store for both release times featuring all new colorways like the Black Limes, Cosmic Siamese, Fuego, Minty and China Reds. If you have any questions about this series you can email me at argonautresins(at)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Secret Project...***LAST UPDATE #5***

I'm working on a brand new exciting project with Obed Bags this month and here are a few teasers shown below. I don't want to say too much and give it away so keep an eye on this post as I'll drop more teasers every so many hours until the final reveal. This is the third collaboration with Obed and those items from the other projects have sold out. Here we go... ***LAST UPDATE #5***




Friday, February 28, 2014

Sparkly Mice release tonight at midnight!

Releasing tonight at 12 midnight Est. time in the online STORE will be the Series 1 Sucio Sparkly Mice. Sparkly Mouse Sucio made his debut at this year's Toy Fair NYC earlier this month and be released in a edition size of 10 pieces. There will be 5 glow in the dark chases hidden in the series so make sure if you grab one you put it under the light to see if you got one. Each mouse will be numbered and signed on there bottoms by artist/sculptor/creator Eric Nocella Diaz, and there is no limit per buyer.

There will also be some more Series 2 Sparkly Cats Tuttz Mini's headed to the online store in the following week as well since there are still 15 left to release in the Edition size of 25. If you wonder why I break up all the series instead of just doing one big drop, it's because I can focus on each individual resin piece and put a little extra effort in making it as special as possible for the collectors. It's also less wear and tear in the long run to get all the work done properly and not wind up over exhausting myself and eventually put out more work. Eventually there won't be any more crazy releases and I will just announce when new items are added to the online store.